Sexual Harassment: It's Not Academic—pamphlet published by the U.S. Department of Education about sexual harassment in educational settings.
Center for Campus Free Speech—despite the broad name, this organization is only concerned with student activity fees. Great resource for that issue, little else.
ACLU: Students' Rights—includes news, resources, advice and more.
The ACLU of Florida Student Section—limited site, but contains a good section of "lesson plans" to aid in learning about civil rights.
The Council on Law and Higher Education—professional organization for administrators and faculty. Lots of good information. Updated regularly.—Gives a comprehensive history of academic freedom. Maintained by a PhD. student who is writing his dissertation on the subject.
Security on Campus Inc.—an organization concerned with the problem of crime on college campuses. Founded by the family of a woman who was brutally murdered at Lehigh University. A comprehensive site with good information about victim resources.
The Office of Postesecondary Education Campus Crime Statistics Website—a searchable database, detailing the reported crimes for the past three years on over 6000 college campuses.


Society of Professional Journalists—student journalism resources from the SPJ.
Student Press Law Center—excellent resource for student journalists. Everything you need is here, including free legal advice concerning press related problems.
National Coalition Against Censorship—an alliance of 50 national nonprofit organizations that work to educate their own members and the public at large about the dangers of censorship and how to oppose them.


WebActive—comprehensive site for college student activists, featuring, among other things, an annotated, searchable directory of 1,250 progressive groups that are online.
Mother Jones Online—the source of news for all activists.


Findlaw—the mother of all online legal resources. Mostly aimed at practitioners but worth a look for non-lawyers as well.